Lindsay Lohan Allegedly ‘Punched & Choked’ By One-Night Stand in NYC


Lindsay Lohan really can’t seem to catch a break. We’re just glad she survived her latest ordeal. Perez Hilton reports that last night, LiLo was the victim of an attack by a man she picked up while partying at NYC’s 1-OAK nightclub. Authorities claim that after Lindsay picked up the 25-year-old suspect, Christian Labella, and brought him back to her room at the W Hotel, the two were involved in an argument over two photos he took of the actress. From there—after she tried to take the phone away from him—he reportedly punched and choked her. Luckily, Linds eventually escaped by pulling a fire alarm in the hallway. Police have Labella in custody, where he’s currently awaiting to be charged. Lindsay, you have to be more careful out there! The “pick-up game” is cool and all, but not when you start getting choked out for a one-night stand. In other Lohan news, the disgraced star, who is still on probation stemming from a necklace theft case, is looking to get her career back on track with the upcoming Lifetime film Liz and Dick, about the life of the late Elizabeth Taylor. Watch the new trailer below.