LMFAO Still A Band Says Sky Blu

For all the mourning fans out there weeping over LMFAO break-up rumors, dry those teary eyes. Sky Blu has released an official statement explaining that while he and fellow Party Rocker, Redfoo are exploring separate musical interests, this does not mean the end of LMFAO as a band.

“LMFAO has not broken up, says Sky Blu. “My uncle and partner, Redfoo, and I have decided to take some time between albums to explore our own interests in music and other areas in entertainment. At this time, I am focusing on the launch and development of my passion venture, Big Bad University. I am collaborating with a collective of very talented artists and we will be debuting new music in the coming days. Our first release, #Sexsong is produced by Big Bad alumni, Mark Rosas and myself. Presently, I am on a Sky Blu “Who Came to Party!?” concert tour in Central America, South America, Mexico and Dubai. Redfoo and I are Party Rockers for life. We love and respect one another and support each other in everything we do.”

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