Lupe Fiasco Electrified

After a long hiatus Lupe Fiasco has returned to hip-hop. On the height of releasing a new album, Food and Liquor Part II, what seems like just five minutes of being back Lupe has threatened to retire from hip-hop after a spat with fellow rapper Chief Keef. With his new single “Bad Bitch” garnering an slew of positive feedback it’s an understatement to say that the hip-hop community isn’t ready for him to leave just yet. As more producers and DJ’s continue to sample major acts some of Lupe’s most famous records have been popping up on the EDM spectrum.

This list is a plea for Lupe to rethink his premature departure, as his music is more relevant than ever. Check out EDM spins on Lupe from Bassnectar, Thomas Hart and R3Hab:

Kick, Push-Thomas Hart Electro Dubstep Remix
The 2006 indisputable skater anthem that put Lupe on the map has gotten a facelift. Thomas Hart, an underground Australian DJ, has taken the melodic tune and infused it with hard hitting synths and a rigid manipulation of those classic violins. Released in 2010, Hart carries this Hip-Hop classic into 2012 with this example of the burgeoning EDM takeover.

VaVa Voom- Bassnectar
Bassnectar turns up the velocity of the track piling on fast synths that make you feel like you feel in an electrified time warp. The California based DJ stripped the lyrics and takes you for a ride as the velocity continues to pick up speed, ending with a bass thumping “bada bing bada boom!”

Angels & Stars- Eric Turner ft. Lupe and Tinie Tempah (R3hab Remix)
Since his debut on the electronic scene in 2008 Dutch DJ and producer, R3hab has made quite a name for himself. R3hab is slowly becoming an influential DJ as he has remixed songs by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and almost every other major artist of today. Signed to Afrojack’s label Wall Recordings, R3hab is someone to keep an ear out for.