Marijuana Use Linked To Testicular Germ Cell Tumors

Fellas: it might be time to put those blunts out in the astray—or at the very least take a breath of fresh air for a minute.

ABC News reports that men under the age of 35 are developing testicular cancer at a high rate, and marijuana use may be playing a big part in it.

A study of 455 Californian men found those who had smoked weed were twice as likely to have been diagnosed with testicular germ cell tumors—the most common form of testicular cancer in young men.

The study’s author, Professor Victoria Cortessis, and her colleagues used interviews to probe recreational drug use among 163 men diagnosed with testicular cancer and 292 healthy men of the same age, and found those who smoked marijuana had double the risk of testicular tumors compared with men who didn’t spark up. Their tumors also proved to be faster-growing and tougher to treat.

Stephen Schwartz of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle also added that, “We now have three studies connecting marijuana use to testicular cancer, and no studies that contradict them. I think we should start taking notice.”

And for those of you who only “dabble” in weed, don’t think you’re off the hook. You may actually be at higher risk, according to Cortessis’ theory of boys who experiment with marijuana during puberty. In her study, the risk of testicular cancer was higher among men who smoked less than once a week and for fewer than 10 years.

She explained this by stting, “Guys who tried it and abandoned it may have been very young. We plan to investigate the possibility that men who use marijuana during puberty may be especially vulnerable, which makes sense if marijuana is disrupting the hormone signaling that directs the testes to maturity.”

It’s scary to think that one of America’s favorite pastimes could be making you terminally ill. Definitely look into this further guys, and always stay up on your health.