Michelle Obama to Appear on ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ in October

The Steve Harvey Show producers have confirmed that First Lady Michelle Obama will make her first appearance on The Steve Harvey Show today. The taping will be before an audience at NBC’s studios on Chicago and broadcasted on October 3

Harvey’s daytime show premiered earlier this month and so far ratings have been trailing, due to Katie Couric’s new show, which takes the number one spot again. The show out-delivered Harvey’s by 53 percent (Harvey brought in 1.5 million, while Couric  brought in 2.3 million viewers).

The First Lady will sure help his ratings, but Harvey is just excited to have her on the show. “I am honored to have her on the show,” he says. Michelle Obama has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show in recent weeks and with her husband President Barack Obama for a pre-taped interview on The View.–Desire Thompson