Millionaire Arrested On Cocaine Possession With Collapsed Nose From Drug-Use

“Nose Candy”—the street term for cocaine—is not as sweet as it sounds. Well, unless you’re asking millionaire coke-addict James Brown.

The 45-year-old Richie Rich with a mean drug habit was recently sentenced to five years in jail after cops found $277,000 worth of cocaine stowed away in his car’s air vents and folding roof mechanism, as reported by The Huffington Post. After further investigation, cops also found a collection of illegal guns in his luxury hotel—oh, and more cocaine.

At his court hearing, Brown claimed the drugs apparently led him to such a state of paranoia, that he felt the needed to “defend himself.”

Here’s the real kicker: Brown did so much cocaine on a daily basis that his nose became deformed and collapsed in (seen in the picture above).

Sometimes the people with the most power & fortune really know how to royally screw it up! Let’s pray for this dude.