Mimi Faust Says Filming Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Was “Absolutely Awful”

No one ever said the reality life would be for everybody.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Mimi Faust recently called into Street Disciplez Radio and said that her experience on the show was “terrible. It was absolutely awful.” During the interview, Mimi revealed that she learned about Stevie’s conniving ways just like viewers at home by watching the episodes each week. “I watched it unravel and unfold just like everybody else watched it on Monday nights,” she says, “I didn’t enjoy that experience because everything was a surprise to me.”

“I don’t know when any other cast members, including Stevie, filmed or who he filmed with or what it was about,” she continued. “They don’t tell us anything, they keep us in the complete dark.”

In a previous rant, Mimi lashed out at critics who believed she let herself be cheated on and held Stevie down. “I didn’t stick with anything. That’s what people don’t know. I didn’t stick with anything. Just because I agree to go to counseling doesn’t mean I stuck with him,” she says. Despite the negative light she’s been portrayed in, Mimi said it wouldn’t prevent her from returning for season two.

Check out the full interview below.