Nas Pens Article On Surviving In The Digital Age As An Artist

Nas is one of the illest writers in hip-hop, and now he’s taking his talents the editorial route.

In an exclusive write-up for Techcrunch, Escobar explains how social media has effected artists and its direct reflection on their new responsibility to “be more accessible” to the fans.

Here’s an excerpt from the article, written by Nas:

“More than ever, entertainment is about self-promotion — using the power of your fans through social media to market live shows and new business ventures and move a few records. The direct connection to the fans is not just freeing artists from the old corporate structure; it’s redefining the relationship between creator and audience.

When piracy hit the entertainment industry, artists were distraught and began distrusting their own fan bases. In truth, it was a response borne from confusion rather than logic. The passion the fans had for what we were creating never went away; we just had to evolve to survive in the new digital world.”

Read the full piece over at Techcrunch.

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