Navy Commander Dismissed After Faking Death To End An Affair

The Navy commander of a Connecticut-based nuclear submarine did the unthinkable—and now he’s suffering the repercussions of his actions.

In a report by The Denver Post, investigators discovered that Navy Commander Michael P. Ward II sent his mistress an email in July— disguised with the name “Bob”—posed as a co-worker, and stated that Ward had passed away unexpectedly.

Here’s where he royally screwed himself. The woman who Ward—who is married—was having an affair with eventually found out he was still alive after showing up at his former residence to offer her condolences. The home’s new owner told her that Ward had moved to Connecticut to take command of a sub.

The two had been seeing each other since last October—eventually resulting in a pregnancy. In late July, he met with her in Washington to talk about handling the pregnancy, but she lost the baby from complications.

Navy Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Cragg, a spokeswoman for the Pittsburgh’s submarine group in Groton, stated that Ward received a letter of reprimand for both adultery and other military violations. Ward was found guilty of Uniform Code of Military Justice violations on September 5th.

Here’s a lesson folks: Lying will never work in your favor—ever.