Nene Leakes to Leave ‘Housewives’?

nene leakesBravo’s most boisterous housewife has her eyes set on treasures that are far more golden than her “housewives” title. Linnethia Leakes, a.k.a. NeNe, is looking to join the daytime television world and do her own talk show. Leakes would be joining the likes of Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris and Bethenny Frankel, should this aspiration be made a reality. “I would keep it real for the whole hour! Whatever the topic is, I feel I could talk about anything,” says the outspoken Real Housewives of Atlanta star. “Politics, men, money, shoes . . . anything. I wouldn’t want to do a Maury Povich show. Baby daddy! Who’s your daddy? Who’s your mama? I wouldn’t want to do that kind of show.”

NeNe has already stretched her wings and landed roles on some of todays hottest scripted tv shows (Glee, The New Normal), and she’s also stated that she feels it’s only a matter of time before her big crossover comes to fruition.–Jazmine Henley-Brown

Can you see yourself watching and enjoying a NeNe Leakes-hosted talk show?

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