New Videos: Jay Rock, Soulja Boy, Chinkie Brown x Lil Scrappy, The Niceguys, Antha Bee

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Jay Rock – “YOLA”

This video is a lesson to all bootleggers out there: karma is a bitch!

2. Soulja Boy – “For My Money”

Soulja Boy running around the city, flaunting what he loves best—money.

3. Chinkie Brown (feat. Lil Scrappy) – “Bipolar”

We know it’s all acting, but Chinkie better watch out! Apparently she didn’t see Shay & Erica fighting over Scrappy on the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta reunion.

4. The Niceguys – “Overtoast”

Shorty really got doused with a bottle of champagne while standing butt naked in nothing but a thong. Looks like that was a good night.

5. Antha Bee – “SWAG”

A cute, stylish, female sneakerhead with an accent that’s too sexy for words. We’re feelin’ the chick, but Bee just needs to let the word “swag” die out like it rightfully should.