New Videos: Rick Ross x Elijah Blake, Prodigy, Xzibit, Troy Ave, Dao Jones

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Rick Ross (feat. Elijah Blake) – “Presidential”

It’s really hard to pay attention to the rest of the video with that stunning video model staring you down. Now that we think about it, she is the video!

2. Prodigy – “Live”

P is not one to be fucked with. Let this video be a testament of that.

3. Xzibit – “Napalm”

From the looks of this video, Xzibit would fit in perfectly in the newest season of Showtime’s original series Homeland.

4. Troy Ave – “Red Cup”

We’re gonna try and ignore the fact that homie was copping neck at the beginning. Super ratchet, but the rest of the video looked like a good time.

5. Dao Jones – “Thru Your City”

This could use more work, but at least they look like they’re having fun. You can’t be mad at that.