NFL 2012 Week 2 Predictions: Ravens vs. Eagles, Jets vs. Steelers

Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Last weekend, Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco left the land of mediocrity and did a full fledged cannon ball into the pool of the elite NFL quarterbacks. Now, how long Flacco lasts in the pool of the elite is up to him, but last week he was virtually flawless going throwing 21/29 for 299 yards with two touchdowns as the Ravens destroyed the Bengals.

Death, taxes and a reliable Ravens defense are the only constants in life if you live in B-More. The Ravens take their talents to Philadelphia to prove that the Eagles will again underachieve this year.

Michael Vick threw four picks last week against a not very good Cleveland Browns team. Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback, Andrew Luck also threw four picks in his debut against the Chicago Bears. The difference between Luck, who is a rookie and Vick who is a ten-year veteran is that Luck was throwing to the right players and spots on the field. Vick is still clearly throwing to the wrong people….ten years into the league. Eagles head coach, Andy Reid was quoted as saying Vick was rusty because he missed the preseason. No Andy, Vick isn’t rusty, he’s just not trustworthy as a starting NFL quarterback.

Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are both banged up. Vick is “rusty” from not being able to play in the preseason. If the Browns defense gave Vick trouble, then the Ravens defense will give him hell. The Eagles defense is probably the fastest in the league, so they’ll give the Ravens offense some trouble so don’t expect a high scoring game. Look for the Ravens to take this game 20 – 17.

New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

During the NFL preseason we all wrote the New York Jets off assuming they’d go 4 – 12 if they were lucky. The Jets first team offense didn’t score any touchdowns in the preseason, what else were we supposed to think? Last week, the Jets were just that, flying all over the field making plays and Mark Sanchez was airing it out like never before going 19/27 for 266 yards and throwing 3 touchdown passes. The jury is still out on if the Jets are as good as advertised in their first week or if the Bills just suck.

The Steelers went on the road and were the first stop on Peyton Manning’s comeback tour. The Steelers could have had Jesus and Lucifer on the same team and still wouldn’t have beat Manning in his first game back since 2010.

Ben Roethlisberger is still Big Ben and has more than enough weapons to keep the Jets defense guessing. James Harrison and Ryan Clark will be back for the Steelers on defense, which doesn’t bode well for the Jets’ offense. Darrell Revis is most likely out for the Jets which means Mike Wallace is going to give the Jets secondary 60 minutes of hell.

The Jets victory last week wasn’t a fluke, they did set a record for most points scored in a season opener but the Buffalo Bills do suck very much. The Steelers will ground the Jets and win the game 21 -14.

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