NFL 2012 Week 4 Predictions: Giants vs. Eagles, 49ers vs. Jets


2012 is going by way too fast. After this week, we’ll be through the first quarter of the NFL season. Here are’s NFL Week 4 Previews.

49ers vs. Jets

The 49ers are going back on the road. Last week, they traveled to Minnesota and got a wake up call when they were upset by the Vikings. This week, they are traveling even further to take on the New York Jets.

Who have the Jets beat? A weak Buffalo Bills team and an emerging Miami Dolphins team. But when they played the very physical Pittsburgh Steelers, they were spanked. The 49ers are the most physical team in the league. Last season after all of the 49ers’ loses, they won their next game. It’s not looking for the Jets.

It’s pretty easy with this game. Believe what your eyes are telling you. The Jets have no Darrelle Revis and an inconsistent Antonio Cromartie in the secondary. The 49ers have the best linebackers in football so the Jets running game will be non existent. That leaves the hopeless Jets passing attack to save the day. Not happening. Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley are both young WRs that can be easily shut out of a game which leaves Santonio Holmes who will be double-teamed.

Jets QB, Mark Sanchez is going to be in for a long day. He’ll have no running game, young receivers to throw too and a vicious 49ers defense to deal with.

As long as the 49ers win the turnover battle, they’ll win this game easy.

New Orleans vs. Green Bay

Did anyone see this coming at the beginning of this season? The Saints would be 0-3 and the Packers would be 1-2. If you did, I want to know what the mega millions lottery numbers are going to be.

Suspended New Orleans Saints coach, Sean Payton, should easily win Coach of the Year. The Saints’ 0-3 record is proving to show how valuable he is to this organization.

The Packers were the sacrificial lamb to ending the NFL Referee lockout this past Monday night when the replacement refs costs them a win. They should come in motivated on a short week. The Seahawks showed the blueprint of what it takes to slow down the Packers and that’s with an pin your ears back pass rush. The Saints have exactly that, but the problem is — they only have that when they have a lead which they haven’t had many of this season.

The Saints are playing well enough to win on offense scoring 27 points per game this season but their defense is giving up 34 points.

Aaron Rodgers has been a little off this season but he’s faced very tough defenses and the Saint’s aren’t that. The spread for the game is -7.5 in favor of the Packers, but they won’t be able to cover even though they will win the game.

Giants vs. Eagles

Is there such a thing as a bad game between two NFC East teams? I didn’t think so either. Sunday night, the Giants and Eagles will face off in primetime.

Defensively, the Eagles are probably the fastest team in the NFL. Offensively, Michael Vick has been inconsistent and Eagles head coach, Andy Reid, has been a little too consistent with calling more pass plays than running plays.

Vick is not the type of QB you want throwing the ball 35 times a game. You would think that the Eagles have a garbage running back in the backfield, but they have a top five back in LeSean McCoy in the backfield and refuse to give him the ball.

The Eagles have a terrible offensive line, and the Giants front four creates quarterback pressure for fun. So if the Eagles are to win this game, they have to have a balanced attack and give the ball to McCoy early.

It’s not looking good for Giants’ WR, Hakeem Nicks, who is not expected to play which will add pressure on Eli Manning and Victor Cruz. On Sunday night, it’ll be ten days since the Giants’ last game. They’ll be well rested yes, and probably rusty since the game is in Philly. It will also be a faster defense than they faced when they Cowboys’ defense gave then trouble during opening week.

This will be a low scoring game in true NFC East fashion. The Giants will win this one because their defensive line will dominate and Michael Vick will continue to be Michael Vick.

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