Nicole Di Rocco: The New Classic

Vintage attire continues to snowball, growing rapidly on-trend and Nicole Di Rocco persistently sets the standard with her swimwear line, Nicolita. Plucking inspiration from the 1940s and 50s Cuban culture of her parents, Di Rocco has developed a retro swimwear collection catering to the Latin curve. “It started out being about Latinas but it crossed over to a multicultural costumer,” says Di Rocco. “We all have hips, so I wanted to create a product in a sense that was about the wider hip. No pitch elastic with a heart shape butt. I created the Cuban bottoms.”

Going ten years strong in the fashion industry, Nicolita designs let wearers flaunt that pin-up vibe on the beach but with a modern twist. “I embody that glamorous, tropical island of the sea, and I infuse a lot of modern [style] so that ladies can feel like they’re Nicolita without having to feel retro 100 percent. It’s the allure and the feeling that people get when they put it on.”

Consumers can experience that charm through Di Rocco-developed lines like Cuban Sunset, Club Nautico and La Turista (The Tourist). While Nicolita’s demographic has grown into the overall curvaceous woman, it received another Cuban kiss this year when Christina Milian joined forces with the designer to create the Havana Nights collection. “We were able to put together a line that reflected her personality,” Di Rocco says. “I didn’t want to compromise what Nicolita was about, but I also wanted to make sense and have the right synergy. It felt very right and fluid. ”