Obsessed Pizza Fanatic Opens Up Museum In Philidelphia

Philly native Brian Dwyer loves himself some pizza. How much? Let’s just say the tattoo that he has of himself eating a nice slice speaks for itself.

If the ink doesn’t solidify it for you, check out his Guinness World Record for largest collection of pizza memorabilia and his brand new brainchild Pizza Brain, the nation’s first pizza museum.

CBS News did the initial report on Dwyer and his cheesy obsession, where he tells them, “We thought it was a funny idea, and we started doing some research…when we discovered that nowhere on earth was there a physical place, a monument built to pizza, we said, ‘This is going to be huge.'”

When Pizza Brain opened it’s doors on Sept. 7th in Philadelphia, the turnout numbered in the hundreds. Inside you’ll find framed pizza-related photos and magazine covers, vinyl records inspired by pizza (like the soundtrack to Mystic Pizza for example), and even a holiday album from Domino’s—and that’s just the walls!

Originating from an art exhibit done with friends called “Give Pizza Chance,” Dwyer continued collecting and became the world-recorder holder with 561 items in July 2011.

“I think that’s why pizza is so powerful — it’s inherently communal,” Dwyer said. “Pizza is one of the few things that everyone can agree on.”

Being that we’re based in NYC, we can definitely agree with that. What do you guys think? Is this weird as hell or are you currently kicking yourself in the head for not thinking about it first?