OPINION: The Inexplicable Rise Of Chief Keef & Rewarding Ignorance


Has the line between reality and rap become blurred even further?

Andreas Hale, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Well Versed, wrote this very timely piece commenting on all the hoopla surrounding 16-year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef. The events involving a rival of Keef’s rhyming associate Lil Reese, named Lil JoJo ended in the assault and murder of the as-yet-to-be described teen in the Englewood neighborhood of the Chi. The real-time result is a mixture of anger, confusion and reflection involving a culture that has taken 40 years to build up, yet seems to be taking nanoseconds to destroy.

Below is an excerpt from Andreas Hale’s piece entitled, “That’s The Sh*t I Don’t Like: The Inexplicable Rise Of Chief Keef & Rewarding Ignorance“:

Last December, 16-year-old Keith “Chief Keef” Kozart was arrested on gun charges for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. The story behind his arrest suggests that Keef was one three individuals apprehended for firing gunshots out of a blue Pontiac Grand Prix in the Washington Park neighborhood of Chicago. When police arrived, one of the three teenagers pointed a gun in the direction of the cops. A single gunshot rang out but nobody was hit. Keef was arrested along with another unnamed teen. The third participant fled the scene. Keef spent 30 days in house arrest at his grandmother’s apartment and another 30 days in home confinement. Somehow, those events sparked the career of a young hip-hop star.

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