Philly Rapper Ar-Ab Is The “Most Important New Artist in Rap”


He freestyles about “lovin’ big guns with the clips even bigger.” He’s been shot more times than 50 Cent. Swizz Beatz is calling him the “most important new artist in rap.” His name is Ar-Ab (pronounced A-R-ab), but back in his hometown people call him the “Top Goon of Philly.” On October 5, Ar-Ab will let loose his latest mixtape, Who’s Harder Than Me, Part 2, the follow-up to WHTM, Part 1, released in February of 2011. A few months following the Part 1’s release the underground rapper was shot 10 times in his stomach, hands and legs. The incident left the North Philly native in the hospital for four weeks. Part of the Larsiny Family, Ar-Ab counts Cassidy as one of his closest affiliates. Both were taken to trial for murder, but while Ar-Ab — who says he spent two and a half years fighting the case — got off free, Cassidy was still sentenced to almost two years in the slammer, but got out after eight months. If Ar-Ab’s life is any indication of what to expect on his upcoming mixtape, be very scared (in a good way.) For a taste of what’s to come, check out “Blow” off Who’s Harder Than Me, Part 2. Ar-Ab feat. Dark Lo “Blow”

Watch footage of Swizz Beatz & Ar-Ab in the studio