President Obama Addresses Nicki Minaj’s Mitt Romney Endorsement

From UPTOWNPresident Obama thinks Nicki Minaj is a little looney.

Although those weren’t his exact sentiments, the POTUS did take the time to address the Harajuku Barbie’s alleged stance behind presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

On Lil Wayne‘s latest mixtape Dedication 4, Minaj went political while hinting at who she’ll be pulling for on November 4.

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches is f*cking up the economy,” she raps. When asked about Minaj’s ”Mercy” verse on Monday, President Obama told Orlando’s Power 95.3: “I’m not sure that’s actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that. But she likes to play different characters. So I don’t know what’s going on there.”

Shortly after, Minaj took to Twitter to give her two cents on the matter.

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