Real Life “Project X” Party Goes Viral On Twitter

Nicknamed “Project M,” the Twitter-fueled party brought a new meaning to the word “rager”…

A local teen in Farmington Hills, Michigan, planned an epic blowout to rival the stuff of legends over the weekend by announcing a shindig at a foreclosed house (not his own) with the help of Twitter and local radio stations.

Upon placing the call to get funky with it, 10 police cruisers rushed to the scene to make sure things were still safe and standing. The cops found scores of folks, both kids and adults, trying to get into the empty house, despite its being only 11 a.m. The party never actually got going, but it clearly was well on its way to being a full-on rager.

The Michigan teen, identified as Mikey, sent out a tweet Friday morning saying that he was planning to host a house party called “Project M.” An obvious reference to Project X, which you can see the trailer for yourself above, was heavy on the partygoers minds and response to get down was enthusiastic, to say the least. The invite quickly went viral, aided by Mikey promoting the party on local radio stations. And before you could say, “RSVP +2,” thousands of people heard about the shindig and were planning to attend.

Quickly looking to diffuse the situation, Mikey’s own father was called in and did what he could to get the word out that the party was not happening. By 11, the party was canceled, effectively over before it had the chance to begin.

Props: ClickOnDetroit