Roscoe Dash Presents His Evidence in Kanye, Wale Song Credit Beef


The drama between Roscoe Dash, Kanye West, Wale, and now Meek Mill doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon.

Last night, Dash finished off his twitter rant with photos of his evidence supporting his claims of being left off song credits for how his work on Kanye’s “To The World” and Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb,” which also features Miguel. Roscoe also brushed off Miguel’s interview on the matter as “corny as shyt,” however Miguel stated that he was misquoted.

Check out the latest items Roscoe presented on Twitter:

Roscoe presents evidence of his involvement in the recording of both “To The World” and “Lotus Flower Bomb,” he says was initially called “Fantasy.”

He included screenshots of the reference tracks on his iTunes.

But that wasn’t all, Roscoe also took a minute to address Meek Mill’s stray shots.

Who do you think is right?