Samuel L. Jackson Asks Obama Supporters To “Wake The [email protected]#! Up” In New Ad

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Samuel L. Jackson has never been shy in admonishing praise on our current Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, and now he’s encouraging voters to do the same.

The celebrated actor, and star of Marvel’s The Avengers, is scheduled to begin filming ads in support of the president which urge voters to “Wake the F— Up” and “Vote For Obama,” as early as tomorrow. Using phrases loaded with the F-bomb may be reckless to conservative voters, but the act is nothing new for Jackson, who narrated a video reading a children’s book called, you guessed it, Go The F— To Sleep.

Jackson’s ads are being paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research Super PAC, which also aired an ad of comedian Sarah Silverman offering “free lesbian sex” to billionaire Sheldon Adelson if he ceased his support of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Who better to do an ad of this sort than Samuel L. Jackson?! The man has given us lines like, “Yes, they deserved to die! And I hope they burn in hell!” and “Mama, I smoked the color TV!” Delivering them with such a plume that that he has ascended the hallowed halls of Hollywood to become the highest grossing actor of all-time!

Samuel L. Jackson will be front and center, telling folks to “Wake the F— Up” this November. The ads are scheduled to begin appearing on YouTube on September 24th.

Props: Daily Mail