Seven Electronic Empresses

In the arena of electronic dance music and DJs, it may seem that the boys are always ruling the roost, but there are plenty of ladies that are on the rise and heavily influencing the electronic’s persuasion of style, beat-making, and stage presence. While it’s been a tough road for the ladies, since dance music’s recent explosion, some have surged to great heights through hard work and determination. Samantha Ronson and DJ Diamond Kuts might ring a bell, but if you haven’t already, it’s time to get to know some other significant women in the game. Sorry fellas; this time, ladies first in the land of BPM. Here are the Top 7 Electronic Empresses…

1. Wynter Gordon
With collaborations ranging from David Guetta to YMCMB’s Tyga, Gordon’s delectably sassy voice croons and woos in a tantalizing manner. Her discography is an eclectic mix of electro-thrash like Steve Aoki’s “Ladi Dadi” or fun club-tastic tunes including Flo-Rida’s “Sugar.” The Queens, NY native released her debut album With The Music I Die in 2011, and her latest EP is the futuristically themed Human Condition: Doleo. She’s been a rising star for some time now, so expect some big things to take off as she’s also an accomplished songwriter. “Stimela” is the first single off of Doleo, but “Dirty Talk” remains her most awesomely musical (and seductive) offering.

2. Lea Luna
Described as an “electro-house goddess” on her website, Lea Luna is certainly an OG in djing, having done so since 1999. From opening for legends like Chuck Berry while catering to the club kids of the world from Portugal to California, this aquatic meets hard rock inspired DJ is an all-around triple threat of talent in the studio. Look out for her album LUNANIMOUS, and her ’80s hair metal tribute “Rock Show.”

3. Nire AllDai
Nire AllDai’s ornate dance tunes are primed for rollicking emotions and events, and while she’s new to us as a singer, she’s been behind the scenes for quite some time, having written and produced under recognized names like Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, and Scott Storch. Her current singles are “STFU”, “Riot”, and “Inside Out”, as her debut album is slated for a release later this year.

4. Audrey Napoleon
The fashionably gothic DJ superstar that is Audrey Napoleon has held residencies at hotspots like Avalon and Music Box in LA, and joint gigs with Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, and Simian Mobile Disco; the progressive house artist is coming into her own with her first official EP collection, the intellectually suggestive Ornamental Egos. Napolean had her first touch of mainstream fame when Heineken used her song “mysunrise” in an ad, plus she has a video series called “Banana Soda es Muy Loca” and is relishing the recent acclaim of her performance at the ID festival. Looks like another Napoleon is ready for takeover…

5. Ellie Goulding
To EDM fans, Goulding is more than just Skrillex’s other half. Collected, firm, and sensitively acute, Ellie is a dream pop fantasy. As her sophomore LP Halycon is set for release in October, one of her newest singles “Anything Can Happen” is a tribal tragicomic presentation. While she won over the US with the tender jams of “Starry Eyed” and “Guns and Horses,” Goulding is preparing for a more willful outing this time around; but she’ll always be EDM’s nymphet of sorts.

6. Eva Simons
In addition to her haute couture mohawk and shimmery appearance, it’s Eva’s sensational vocals that won over even the haters on Afrojack’s colossal track “Take Over Control.” The Dutch singer-songwriter is a favorite amongst some of EDM and pop music’s biggest stars, but she’s still slightly under the radar as we’re still awaiting her debut album. She recently signed to Interscope Records, performed a high profiled set at the imperative Winter Music Conference back in March, and has completed some solo music videos, including “I Don’t Like You.”

7. Nervo
The punky and amiable Australian sister act of Nervo has been collabing with big names like Steve Aoki, Afrojack, and Avicii. They’ve written and produced global hit songs (Guetta’s “When Love Takes Over”), currently host a Sirius network radio show (“NERVOnation”), and are regularly billed as hot tickets for major festivals including Electric Zoo, Electric Daisy, and Tomorrowland for DJ sets. Check out their ebullient hit, “You’re Gonna Love Again”.