Shades of Sofi Green

Twenty-something-year-old Sofi Green has seemingly just popped up out of nowhere, ready to embrace the music biz in its entirety, especially its affair with fashion. Cranking out EDM-esque sounds with an urban undertone, the green-haired (for now) indie songbird captivates whomever is watching, donning high-level threads. Although stylishly stepping on the scene, music is a key element to her creative make-up. “My focus right now is to find a major right now that works best with me,” the Washington D.C. native says. “I have a very distinct sound. It’s not often that you see a girl who’s Black do electronic dance music with urban content; people use electronic dance music with pop content. Mine is not like that. I have to find the right home that understands I’m a Black girl who has been exposed to a lot. My music is extremely eclectic.”

However new to a wide audience musically, Green has been strategically making moves silently on the style front. “I was designing clothes and styling myself because if I didn’t do music, I would definitely be a stylist. I basically got my first press as a fashion person, not as a musician. My first press was on I was able to work with Sarah Jessica Parker’s stylist Tracy Cox and get my first exposure to press.”

Vixen caught up with the femme fatale on a Harlem night to chat about her passions. She admits that her style lies within the perfect mix of street couture and high-end labels. “As an artist you have to be changeable; you can’t just sit with one set of fashion or you become stagnant. I feel like to be able to transition between glamour and urban street wear, you’re always able to keep your audience guessing and you’re also able to have fun with fashion.”–Niki McGloster

Photographer: Karl Ferguson
Stylist: Tiffany Hasbourne
Makeup: Jarel Soto
Hair: Latoya Mason