Shades of Sofi Green


“This look is who I am now 100 percent, ready to take chances, very comfortable with my body, always ready to put on heels no matter what situation. I’m more of the nighttime, sexy go-go, night-on-the-town girl. You know, you’re putting on the shorts, you’re fearless. You’re feeling good; however, you don’t want to be too dressy, so it’s definitely the downtown feel. Denim is not something that’s just for summer anymore. Denim is a piece that should be worn all year round as long as it’s worn appropriately. If you’re wearing shorts in 25-degree weather, I would hope you’d probably wear some cute wool tights or some tights that you find at Topshop. It keeps it fun; you can wear sneakers with denim, you can wear boots with denim, you can wear high heels with denim.”–As told to Niki McGloster