Shades of Sofi Green

Sofi GreenMy favorite! It’s more of a spectacle. I was able to become a character. The dark lipstick, the leather jacket, it was like Cyndi Lauper meets True Blood. Honestly, I don’t think of a theme, but [the way I dress] is always based off my mood. If I have a very, very long day or I have a day when I’m emotionally torn down, I want to look glamourous so I can make myself feel pretty or better. Every woman, we always find ways to make ourselves happy, so every time I get glamorized I make myself feel better. You get that sexy walk that’s generally will make you feel happy, sexier and like a woman like va-va-voom. Not that I don’t feel like a woman in Doc Martens, but the heels definitely add that sexiness. The clothes are a piece of my self-esteem and a piece of my self-worth; I’m draping my canvas in ways that fit my mood.”–As told to Niki McGloster