Sneak Peek: Chrissy & Mr. Jones: A Reality Love Show [VIDEO]

Expect Chrissy & Mr. Jones to be one of the most entertaining madhouses to hit the reality show circuit, as Chrissy Lampkin–who became a star in her own right following the success of the original Love & Hip-Hop–and her man Jim Jones have gotten their own Truman Show. Set to air on VH1 this fall, the new series will tag along the engaged couple’s life together in New Jersey, and based upon the trailer, it will focus more on their domestic issues rather than being a part of the hip-hop glam scene of NYC.
Chrissy suddenly struggles with the idea of marriage and Capo is yearning for a mini-me to join them in their mansion. Most likely, after a few episodes, we will be quoting even more hilarious sound bites from these two firestarters!
Featuring a cameo from her homie Emily B (also from L&HH), a 30-second sneak peek has hit the web just in time to get us hyped about staying in on Monday nights again (as if we needed another reason). Check it out below! It airs September 24 at 9:30 p.m.–Carmen Shardae Jobson