Sole Custody: The Emergence of Fathers Stepping Up


As a single mom, I understand the struggles of doing a lot on your own, but I would never disallow my son’s father the chance to play an active role in my son’s life, regardless of how I feel about the father personally. Unless the father is abusive and can possibly be a threat to a child or has no plans to contribute to the child’s growth (both are indeed the problem in my case), they should be given all rights to fatherhood.

No matter how strongly we feel about our exes, if they are willing to contribute (whether it’s with time and/or finances), we should accept the offers for the betterment of the child.

Whether a man has a regular job or a career entertaining millions, a good father is a GOOD FATHER. There are so many absentee fathers all over the world that we should never attempt to take away the rights and try to find some common ground with the ones who want to be involved.

How do you all feel, Vixens? Should a woman always get sole custody? Can male entertainers do the same job as women? Share your thoughts.–Erica Mena