Sugar Mamas Vs. Sugar Babies: Which Would You Rather Be?

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When you’re a Sugar Mama, you’re making your own cash. You have a ton of it to spare and you have a hot young guy on your arm making you look even better, while you sip some champagne at your regular table at The Ivy. You can feel good about yourself knowing that you’ve created an enviable life. But those Benjamins don’t come free. You’re at work all day. Dinner may be the only time all week you see your boo and that champagne is less a treat and more a necessity to drown out the stressors of your high-profile professional position.

As a Sugar Baby, you don’t have to lift a finger — your man’s maids are doing that for you. You sit in the lap of luxury and never have to fluff the pillows in the chair. You don’t have to cook, clean, or care how the bills get paid. But those benefits don’t come free, either. For all the hours you don’t have to work, you also don’t get to complain. Don’t like what the private chef cooked for dinner? Too bad, you didn’t pay for his time, so you eat that overcooked oxtail ragu and appreciate it. Not in love with your man’s taste in gold-plated toilets? Oh well, you don’t have to scrub ‘em, so just turn off the recessed lights and try not to look at them. Miss your guy ‘cuz he works a million hours a week? How do you think your lifestyle’s getting financed? Not crazy about the fact that women give you the stink eye anytime you’re with your beau? That people assume you’re not bright enough to take care of yourself? That everyone figures you’re not much more than an over-priced escort? Consider it your version of workman’s comp and call it a day.

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