Tamar Braxton Not a Fan of Nicki Minaj’s Wigs?


The most outspoken Braxton sister is known for her various hair pieces, yet when it comes to the Head Barb In Charge Nicki Minaj, Tamar Braxton wanted to give her some loving advice about her weave choices.

While making her promo rounds for her and husband Vince’s new reality show Tamar & Vince, Miss Get Cho Life had this to say about the newest American Idol judge on Anderson Live:

“Well listen, I love Nicki, everybody loves Nicki. I love Nicki and I feel like I can speak about it because I’ve had a couple of bad wig moments myself. That is an atrocity. Okay, ain’t nobody got time for that. Neon hair?”

At least Tamar can admit to her own past hair mistakes, let’s hope the Barbz and Kens don’t attack Tamar for coming for their Queen.–Jazmine Henley-Brown

Vixens, which one of Nicki’s wigs is your favorite?