Tamar Braxton Talks Spinoff Show, Music, Children, and More

Tamar Braxton and husband Vince Herbert are leaving her sisters behind and branching off to make their own money with a new spinoff show. In March 2012, the two began filming their show, titled Tamar & Vince.

In an interview with TheInsider, Tamar revealed her plans for the new year which include the show, music, her $6.9 million dollar mansion and much more.

Check out some excerpts from the interview below:

On seeing Vince’s family on the show:

“I don’t know yet! That’s really up to Vince, whatever he wants to do, I’ll totally support it. If they come into his life again, then hopefully everyone gets to see that. Everything is not the Braxton family, where everybody is raised close and everybody is close friends. Some people stop talking along the way, some people stop being close along the way, and I think that’s important to see too.”

On what her music will be like:

“I definitely don’t think you’ve heard this from me before. At first I wasn’t allowed to sing what I wanted to sing and I think that’s where the frustration came from before. It’s opinionated, it’s funky, it’s fresh. This is the true definition of Tamar.”

On people saying her new $6.9 million dollar mansion was purchased just for the show:

“Oh please! People can have a seat! Let me tell you, Vince is not even the kind of guy that would let anybody do anything like that. Number one, he’s a real man and number three (Ed note: Yes she jumped from one to three!) he’s not an opportunist like that. He bought the house because he loved the house.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.