Teyana Taylor’s VIBE VIXEN Cover Story

Teyana Taylor has glided through this industry on the strength of her fashion.

Imagine a big-haired pre-teen bouncing around during a class trip anticipating a college show by hip-hop spitter Kanye West. Solely based on the dopeness of her hat, security shuffled her off to meet the fashion addict of the hour himself. Cameras flashed, words were exchanged between the Harlem kid and the College Dropout emcee, then–like most young girls–she vowed to never wash her hands again. “It’s so crazy going from him not knowing who I was at all—I wasn’t singing. I wasn’t doing any of that,” she says through a stuffy nose and hoarse throat on a summer morning. “I doubt he even remembers it.”

Cosmically, the two fashion forces would eventually collide again during Yeezy’s infamous Glow in the Dark tour. “He came up to me and was like, ‘This outfit is so dope.’ From there, we became fashion friends. He would send me different designs; I’d send him different designs. We’d piggyback off each other on some fashion shit.” Fast forward, she’s found herself under the Throne-dweller’s music mentorship and afforded opportunities to stretch beyond music far into the landscape of fashion.

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