The Female Tony Montanas: 6 Women Who’ve Run Crime Syndicates

From UPTOWNScarface is a classic tale of using greed, deceit, and bloodshed to obtain the American Dream. Tony Montana’s monopolizing of the drug game has served as inspiration for men seeking insurmountable power, particularly for those in hip-hop. Montana is an icon for entertainers; he is proudly displayed on mansion walls next to Jesus Christ and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

But Tony Montana’s business isn’t restricted to men. Dabbling in narcotics is the Lily Ledbetter of all careers; there is equal opportunity for both genders to lose their lives in the dangerous underworld. We were first exposed to women as kingpins in the 2006 HBO documentary, Cocaine Cowboys.

It brought Griselda Blanco into the spotlight. Dubbed the female Tony Montana, Blanco was responsible for the flood of cocaine into Miami in the 1980s. In the peak of her career, “The Black Widow” was trafficking 300 kilos of cocaine into the coastal city every month. It resulted in millions of revenue and tons of murders, but La Madrina (the Cocaine Godmother), as she’s also called, appeared untouchable. At 69, the legend has fallen. She was gunned down on September 5. But she was not alone in using her feminine prowess to dominate drug cartels. We present five of her womanly peers.

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