Three Reasons Why Nas and Kelis Should Get Back Together

Nas and KelisAfter eight years together and six years of marriage, there hasn’t been a union that reads genuine love and admiration since Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The two recalled to an interview with VIBE in 2003 how
it was love at first sight at an MTV VMA afterparty thrown by Diddy. “Everyone moves out of the way, and Nas stands up, and I put my hand out, and I’m like, Hey, I’m Kelis. And he goes, ‘Who?’… So I’m crawling into a f’ing hole, and he’s like, ‘Wait-huh? What’s your name?’ And I’m like, Kelis, and he’s like, ‘Oh, well that’s great, because I’ve been waiting to make you my wife all these years.’” Kelis’ response? “That’s great, because that’s all I wanna be.” Try forgetting that introduction.