Tommy “Tiny” Lister To Plead Guilty To Mortgage Fraud

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Will this latest infraction halt production of Last Friday?

Tommy “Tiny” Lister, best known for his roles in Friday and Jackie Brown, agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud Friday. The 54-year-old Compton, California native was charged by prosecutors for his participation to purchase homes he could not afford from 2005 to 2007 and to withdraw more than $1.1 million cash in home-equity loans that were not repaid. The case was investigated by the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service, yet Lister admitted that he and five other individuals obtained four different mortgages on homes in Los Angeles, California by using fake W-2’s and pay stubs.

Lister, along with five other people, used the falsified records to snatch up the properties totaling at $5.7 million, which the banks later sold at a loss of more than $2.6 million. Deebo is looking at serving up to five years in prison.

Props:: TMZ