The Top 10 Tech Gadgets You Need To Stay Digi-Fresh

Welcome to the new world!!! Everyone wants to know your name, where you’ve been, and how cool was your timeline while you’re living in it. If GoDaddy’s shortcomings weren’t indicative of how Star Trek-ish life has become, just whip out your iWhatever and tell us what the temperature is outside.

Speaking of which, it is fall — the best time in the year for fashion — and what better way to get your swank on than to rock the illest vines! With streetwear dominating the blogosphere from HypeBeast to Rocksmith, there’s no better big guns to have on the e-streets than these wares to wear! Good for any occasion, you can conceal your origin over your fly skin with the Top 10 Techs You Need To Stay Digi-Fresh.

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