TRAILER: Daniel Day-Lewis Impresses All As Honest Abe In “Lincoln”

The trailer for Steven Spielberg’s historically acclaimed biopic has finally arrived.

After months of waiting, Lincoln, which stars a bevy of A-listers, has hit the World Wide Web and introduces audiences to Honest Abe’s final months in office, trying to unite a divided country and abolish slavery.

“It’s not just a feel-good biopic,” co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt told MovieFone at the Toronto International Film Festival last week. “I mean it feels great, I think it feels better because it actually delves into something. It’s not just patriotism and icon worship. It really examines him as a human being and all of his imperfections and both his virtues and his flaws.”

The Dark Knight Rises co-star later added that the film “is such a brave take,” on behalf of director Steven Spielberg. While pressure may have been on the Oscar award winning helmer to churn out a watered-down version of Abraham Lincoln’s story, by having Tony Kushner (Munich) on the script, the film may end up being 2012’s most provocative picture.

“Whatever you’re about to see in trailer form, is just a slight texture,” Spielberg said on Google Hangout, which is where the trailer first debuted. You can watch the trailer above.

Lincoln, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis in the titular role, Sally Field, James Spader, David Strathairn, Hal Holbrook, Tommy Lee Jones, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, will hit theaters on November 9.

Props: MovieFone