Usher Electrified: Top 5 Usher EDM Remixes

When referring to the R&B sensation Usher it is not farfetched to say that he has dominated the music industry. Winning a massive amount of music accolades, including 7 Grammys, the Tennessee product has captured the nation’s love with a laundry list of Billboard topping hits. Some of his tunes such as ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love’, ‘You Got It Bad’, and ‘My Boo’ only touch the tip of his discography that feature a catalogue of soulful, catchy originals that make listeners heart throb. With his sleek and smooth voice offering up a prime acapella for talented remixers around the planet, it is with no surprise that he has been the focus of many producers in many genres.

Enter Vibe’s Usher Electrified. These five reworks have successfully taken the one-man music sensation’s incredible voice and surrounded it with some of the dopest EDM production to grace listener’s ears….

Usher – Scream (Joachim Garraud Remix)

French DJ/producer extraordinaire Joachim Garraud has been a dominant force in electronic music production for nearly 20 years. Following his seven years of study at the music conservatory, Garraud started his own studio in the center of Paris which served as his workshop for his production madness. Remixing for the likes of David Guetta, David Bowie and Moby, Joachim has long established himself as one of the elite producers in the industry. With his remix of Usher’s ‘Scream’, the talented Frenchman offers up a big room banger that perfectly compliments the R&B artists upbeat vocals.

Usher featuring Diplo – Climax (Kaskade Remix)

From his dorm room back in college to the DJ booth next to deadmau5, DJ/producer Kaskade has climbed the EDM ladder and is now regarded as being one of the best in the world. Following his most recent album release, Fire & Ice, this Chicago-born DJ has been working on a number of remixes. Taking Usher’s “Climax”, Kaskade applies his anthem-esque sound and brings the tune to new heights. Originally a collaboration between the R&B legend and Diplo, Kaskade has simply made this track his own with this dancefloor destroying missile.

Usher – Scream (R3hab Remix)

The quickly rising protege of megastar Afrojack, R3hab has made a name for himself with his productions that feature a sound of ripping bass lines. Boasting the ability of taking anything he puts his hands on and turning it to some of the best electro house one could find has made it very easy for the Dutch producer to stay in the masses’ spotlight. Joining a number of fellow producers who have remixed “Scream,” R3hab manages to take Usher’s vocal and infuse it with devastating synths and grinding electro sounds. Let Vibe just say that this remix may get more radio air time then the original.

Usher – Scream (Ken Loi Remix)

Australian born DJ/producer Ken Loi has been on an unprecedented rise in the last few years. Garnering the support of EDM titans such as Tiësto, Markus Schulz and Thomas Gold, Loi has gained much acclaim for his energetic sound. For what could be classified as very progressive sounding, Loi’s productions all have the potential to be big room anthems. With his remix of “Scream,” Loi takes Usher’s voice and infuses it with catchy melodies and well crafted drops. Released as a free download, it is without a doubt that any true Usher fan downloaded this creative rework.

Usher – Scream (Pierce Fulton Remix)

Regarded as the dance music prodigy, 20-year-old DJ/producer Pierce Fulton has made massive strides in a very short amount of time. Not even legal to enter the mega clubs he headlines, the young Fulton has truly established himself amongst his peers with his incredible production ability. With this past year offering Pierce to headline a number of major festivals such as Electric Zoo, it is no surprise that he prepared a few remixes to artists the masses love. Taking Usher’s “Scream,” Fulton created the epitome of a summer anthem. Featuring a sound that is comparable to Swedish House Mafia with a lot more energy, Pierce’s remix has been dubbed by many to be Usher lover’s favorite. Being that Fulton was 3-years-old when Usher released his first album, it is quite hysterical that the young producer has done so much with this remix.