UW Battle League’s “Anarchy” Showcase Hosted By LA Laker Ron Artest!

Who wanna battle? We talking about that kind of battling that scars your rep and hurts your heart. Oh, you just want to watch? We thought so.

Now check some real rappers go at it in the UW Battle League “Anarchy” showcase this Saturday, September 15th at New York’s Gramercy Theatre. Hosted by Hot97’s Peter Rosenberg and NBA star/rapper in his own right, Ron Artest, the UW Battle League is coming straight out of New Jersey to display the illest rappers from legends to the latest bar twisters in an all out battle royale for street supremacy.

The line-up is nothing short of amazing, pitting known rhyme rippers at each other’s necks! Here is the fight card:

Tech 9 vs. Bill Collector
O-Solo vs. Swave Sevah
O-Red vs. X-Factor
Daylyt vs. Spee Dolla

And the main event of
Arsonal vs. Math Hoffa

All of the word warriors are battle tested and street approved…but who will emerge victorious from the fight of their rap lives? Will Bill Collector recover from a recent physical assault to champion status? O-Solo is looking to bury Swave Sevah forever. In the clash of the “Lettermen”, O-Red vs. X-Factor will be a test of true will. Neither one will give an itch to the other. Then you have the bout everyone will be waiting on…Arsonal vs. Math Hoffa. We know how both men get down with the crazy lines of fire.

To catch up on the back story of these heated rival matches, check UW’s “Road of the Warrior” series at www.uwbattleleague.com

To see the hard road to making the mission a successful one, watch “Road of the Warrior” series as well.

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