V Exclusive! Danny Avila Talks Justin Bieber Comparisons and Being A Teen DJ

At 17, Danny Avila is barely old enough to get into many of the Stateside clubs he’s spins at. However, when abroad you can find him at the legendary Ministry Of Sound in London, and and at his residencies at Blue Marlin and Café Olé in Ibiza. The DJ-producer wonderkind is already one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in EDM. Catching the attention of veterans and dance music icons like Tiësto, David Guetta, Fedde le Grand, and Martin Solveig to name a few, Avila is the dance music’s Justin Bieber. The young Spaniard was raised in and around the club scene, with a father who designed some of Spain’s hottest clubs. Avila just launched a weekly show on Sirius XM Radio, “Danny Avila Presents: Ready to Jump” and stopped by the Sirius XM HQ in New York last week.

VIBE sat down with Avila after his live in-studio set at the Sirius XM HQ to get to know a little bit more about the teen DJ sensation.

Everyone calls you the Justin Bieber of EDM. How does that make you feel?
I think its great that people compare me to Justin Bieber, some people say it in a bad way, but I think its great because Justin Bieber been working really, really hard.

Since you grew up watching your dad design clubs where Fedde Le Grand and Axwell spun did any of those big names give you some amazing advice that will stick with you.
For example, Deniz Koyu who is a great producer, told me to be who ever you want to be, and don’t try to be anyone else.

What’d you get for your 16th bday?
Wakeboard [Verging on pro skate and snowboarder status, Avila has also placed 2nd in the Spanish Wakeboard Championships, 7th in the European Wakeboard Championships and 12th in the World Wakeboard Championships].

Is there a rapper out there you’d like to collab with? Who and Why?
Eminem, I love all his tracks.

Define your sound in once sentence.
Super energetic, party style, ravey.

How are you enjoying your forray into the US? Is there someplace (club, anything?) that you’re psyched to see?
New York is just so beautiful, took a helicopter yesterday to see the city. I love the energy here.

What’s it like having the biggest names in dance music support you?
I met Tiësto like two days ago, and I was even so nervous to even give him a hug you know. When my manager told me that I was playing for him at his opening party at Pacha, I was like wow, that’s huge. It’s great to have a big support.

What’s something on your Ipod right now that would surprise people?
A bit of everything, I have a bit of hip-hop, a bit of Eminem, a bit of dubstep, even Adele, even Justin Bieber, everything.

What do you use to spin live?
CDJ2000 plus the mixer 900 or 800, record books with Pioneer, also getting into the MX machine.

American celeb crush?
Paris Hilton for sure.