V Exclusive Video! Common Talks Cruel Summer Album and More!


Live from the star-studded Case-Mate event at Best Buy Theater Wednesday Sept 12, Common chats with VIBE.

Watch Chi-Town’s finest break dance, talk about the G.O.O.D. stuff, his EDM collab dream (“Skrillex”) and so much more in the video above!

Check out the full transcription below:

VIBE: What brings you out to represent Case-Mate tonight?
Common: I partnered with them to do an endorsement, which are these incredible fashionable phone cases that you can use for your Smartphone. It’s really about detailing your style and letting you express yourself. I’m here celebrating that and at the same token I’m performing.

What goes into styling a phone? Is it like writing a song?
It’s about taste, for me. When I picked one of my cases, it’s just like, “this is what I’m feelin’ right now” the same way I would pick a shirt or a bracelet, it’s part of my style. I keep it simple sometimes, depending on my mood.

So you’ve got poet, rapper and actor under your belt. Is designer next?
I don’t know if I’d be a fashion designer but I would get into apparel. Whether it’s something as simple as T-shirts to belts. I definitely will become a part of the fashion world. I would let the fashion designing be done by those who have that vision and those who have the skill in that department, but I could see myself being behind a line.

What’s still on your dream list?
To win Oscars, win Emmy’s, to help change the world in a positive way and bring some peace to Chicago. Help raise a family, get married and those things, I got a lot of dreams I still haven’t accomplished.

Chicago, what needs to happen? There’s a lot of violence, especially with the whole Chief Keef situation. Is there a message that you have for the kids there?
More than anything, I’m like “man, if you really wanna make it, taking somebody life is the opposite of that.” It’s going in the wrong direction. Even if somebody did something to you or your people, at this point if you keep doing it, you’re basically ending your life. Whether you get the people or you don’t, your life is getting taken or you’re going to jail. I just wanna encourage the young people to find something they’re into. You’re blessed with a life, and I know times is rough, but we can overcome it, we got that strength.

Cruel Summer is dropping Sept. 18th! What can we expect?
It’s just that touch of soul, hip-hop feel. It’s G.O.O.D man, the whole album. It’s got some really great music and a lot of diversity, it’s a great vision and I’m just glad to be a part of it.

Do you ever get nervous when you’re with in the studio with Ye and Raekwon?
I can’t say I get nervous; it’s more like motivation. I feel like I gotta go in on these tracks because you got all of these other good artists and it’s like, “I gotta do something special.” You gotta stand out.

You’re the one who sang, “It’s kind of fresh you listen more than hip-hop, ” what other music do you like? Electronic dance music?
I do. I don’t know a lot of artists but I’m familiar with some stuff but when I experience it, I do like it. Not all of it, I do like some of it.

If you were to collaborate with a non-rap DJ who would it be?