V Playlist: Alicia Keys, Kevin Rudolf x Fred Durst x Birdman x Lil Wayne, Shyne x Pusha T, Lil Scrappy, Joey Bada$$

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Alicia Keys – “Girl On Fire” (Original Version)
“Girl On Fire” is triumphant, boasts powerful vocals, & has hard hitting production. Basically, it’s your usual A. Keys tune. Only thing different from this one & the “Inferno Remix” is Nicki Minaj’s absence—which isn’t a bad thing. Nicki fans may like the other version better, but the original is Alicia at her core.

2. Kevin Rudolf (feat. Fred Durst, Birdman & Lil Wayne) – “Champions”
Definitely for the rock fans out there. Isn’t it dope hearing Fred Durst rocking out again after so long though? By the sounds of this, maybe Weezy is on to something with his current skaterboy/rocker steez.

3. Shyne (feat. Pusha T) – “Meyer Lanksy”
While coke-rap is a pretty overused topic in hip-hop right now, the beat on this makes up for an otherwise dull song. Pusha’s verse makes us wish it was his single—and him alone rapping on the whole song.

4. Lil Scrappy – “Paws”
Yet another LHHA cast member currently riding the wave of their newfound reality TV fame. We wonder though: can this can be deemed an official Stevie J diss? It sure sounds like it!

5. Joey Bada$$ – “Home” (Snippet)
The only thing we’re mad at Joey for is releasing this as some minute & a half snippet. We need the full version of this dope track! Make that happen, sir.