V Playlist: Consequence, Styles P, Kreayshawn x Diplo x Sissy Nobby, Frank Anthony x Kendrick Lamar, Honey Cocaine, Nipsey Hussle x Ken Malik

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Consequence – “How You Gon Be Broke In The Rap Game”
With all his recent rap beefs with former associates, It’s hard not to hear this as a sly subshot to somebody. We won’t assume, but it is a pretty chill track. Oh, & is that Cons singing too on the bridge?

2. Styles P – “Holiday Any Emcee”
Styles clearly hasn’t lost it. You got to respect this dude for consistently staying true to his gritty street style, & doing it well. This freestyle is a good example of that.

3. Kreayshawn (feat. Diplo & Sissy Nobby) – “Twerkin”
Diplo blesses Kreayshawn with one of his dubstep-meets-EDM bangers. If you can get past Kreay’s less-than-serious approach to her songs, you might catch yourself nodding your head a bit. Overall, the production definitely outshines the vocals here.

4. Frank Anthony (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – “Live In My Bed”
This is a pretty interesting song for Kendrick to rap over. Interesting in the sense that it doesn’t fit him in the least bit. Unfortunately, this ultimately sounds like pop filler.

5. Honey Cocaine – “Clique Freestyle”
When you do a freestyle, usually you aim to tackle the given beat on some real boss shit. Unfortunately, Honey adds close to nothing to this Hit-Boy classic. Luckily this wasn’t hers to begin with.

6. Nipsey Hussle (feat. Ken Malik) – “Get Away”
Similar to last time, Nipsey lays down subpar bars over an ill throwback beat. We’re still waiting for an actual new track Nip—that is, dope new verse with a dope original beat to match.