V Playlist: Danny Brown, Buddy x Pharrell, K Smith x Meek Mill x Teyana Taylor, Mase, Kreayshawn, Jabee, Asaad


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Danny Brown – “Change”
Danny’s use of the word “change” is thrown around in different aspects well here. However, this track takes the chill approach, as far as production is concerned, which is a different pace for the XXX artist that we’re used to. If this is in fact the first single off his project, it’s definitely an interesting choice—one that we wouldn’t have expected as the lead for his debut.

2. Buddy (feat. Pharrell) – “As Far As They Know”
It’s no surprise Pharrell laced Buddy with a crazy-dope beat. While Skateboy P holds his own lyrically, as usual, Buddy also comes with some bars that are respectable. This is definitely not a bad listen.

3. K Smith (feat. Meek Mill & Teyana Taylor) – “Never Let Em Stop Me”
It’s not that this isn’t good. The problem is, there’s nothing that really stands out aside from the names involved. Overall, this ends up being more on the “ok” side than “hot.” We wouldn’t write it off as wack though.

4. Mase – “Adorn (Remix)”
Mase’s signature “lazy flow” hasn’t really changed since the 90s. Although his verse is forgettable here, it does make us more or less curious as to what he’ll come with on Cruel Summer. Time will tell.

5. Kreayshawn – “BFF”
This is definitely more pop than hip-hop—so much so, that it may be time to retire to term “female rapper” in association to the name Kreayshawn. But hey, if Nicki Minaj can genre blend, can we really fault Kreay at all?

6. Jabee (feat. Carlitta Durand) – “Stephanie”
Shoutout to El-P for this beat. There’s a lot of hard-hitting instrumentals working together for our ears to savor on. Definitely give this one a few plays.

7. Asaad – “Raekwon Rap”
It’s probably not the best idea to compare yourself to another rapper in any way, especially one as iconic as Rae. The pressure to live up to the name can be overwhelming. For instance, this sounds nothing like Raekwon’s rap style or flow—which, depending on how you look at it, can be good or bad. On a positive note, there are elements to “Raekwon Rap” that bring forth some head nodding.