V Playlist: Lil Wayne x Detail, Mac Miller, Dominic Lord x Pusha T, Mistah F.A.B., Telli

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Lil Wayne (feat. Detail) – “No Worries”
Yes, this is the same “No Worries” off Weezy’s Dedication 4 mixtape. We guess he liked it so much, he’s releasing it as an official single off the upcoming I Am Not A Human Being 2. While there’s nothing too special about it for it to be released twice, it’s definitely one of the more quotable cuts off the tape.

2. Mac Miller – “Angeles” (Elliott Smith Cover)
We wouldn’t be surprised if Mac stops rapping for a year to strictly do alternative music. The dude’s got the chops for it. Plus, he’d be one of the first MCs to successfully crossover from rap to rock without compromising his fan base. We’ll be listening to see how far he goes with this.

3. Dominic Lord (feat. Pusha T) – “Pierce (Remix)”
While there’s definitely hints of “Mercy” on this—we’re assuming due to Pusha’s presence—this track has it’s own appeal. The production style alone makes this a pretty cool listen.

4. Mistah F.A.B. – “All Slavery”
In order to really understand the appeal of this, listen to the lyrics attentively. He’s speaking all sorts of truths here. Very dope, sir.

5. Telli – “The President”
Telli comes through with vintage hip-hop steez on “The President,” but still delivers some fresh up-to-date bars. We’re feeling it.