V-Premiere! Chris Lake And Lazy Rich Ft. Jareth “Stand Alone” + Flaming Dodgeball Q&A


VIBE: Would your teenage self beat you in a game of dodgeball now?
Chris Lake: I’d say no. When I was a teenager I was fat, slow and had no interest in sports, health or anything outside of my teenage problems. Now, I have made a bit of an effort to get into sports and keep in better shape. So hopefully I could victor against my unfit, younger self.

Were you picked last, left standing alone for sports teams as a kid?
I was either last or second last always…Always.

If you could throw a flaming fireball at anyone in the world who would it be?
deadmau5…he’s pranked me one too many times. I owe him a good prank, I think a flaming fireball would be suitable come-back, perhaps a little harsh, but a come-back nonetheless.

What’s your theme song to get pumped up?
I am embarrassed to say that the first thing that comes into my head is Queen. Maybe you shouldn’t write that. Thinking about it a bit longer, maybe the Prodigy. Yep I think Keith Flint and Freddie Mercury are my go to guys. ***Note From Editor*** We write it all.

If you designed a dodgeball league using just rappers and DJs who would it consist of and why?
I think I’d have Afrojack, because he’s tall…oh hang on scrap that, I was thinking of basketball. I’d pick Calvin Harris because he’s thin and can contort his body around, to actually dodge balls. I’d pick Dr Dre for intimidation, and I bet he could launch a ball. In front of me, I guess I’d have a really hot video vixen, so I’d have a nice view. I’m in by default as it’s my team.