V Exclusive! Avicii New Video: “I never thought it would be this big from the US”


The video for ERIC TURNER & AVICII – “Dancing In My Head” (Tom Hangs Remix) just landed in my inbox with a kerplunk… Like a brain falling out of your head onto the street. Watch the video… Avicii told VIBE in a recent interview: “I’m 23 years old and I haven’t been in this for that long. Since I started five years ago theres such an enormous difference in being looked at and how far house producers and Djs have come. It’s so weird because I never thought it would be this big from the US.” Believe it, the dance music youngblood has arrived and is kicking “EDM’s” (we need a new word!) proverbial arse. “I was always looking at Swedish House Mafia’s music when I started out, they were my heros,” adds Avicii, born Tim Bergling. “They were huge and nothing can compare to what’s possible now. The only ones that were really doing stadium or arena shows was only Tiësto and a couple other DJs. Now everyone’s doing it. It’s come from such a different place.”