VIBE Exclusive! David Guetta Takes Over Electric Zoo + Reveals New Collab with Usher and Ludacris

“I think they had a good time. The atmosphere was really crazy,” David Guetta told VIBE just moments after shaking and shocking Randall’s Island to the core. He kicked back on a black leather sofa inside his trailer parked by Electric Zoo’s main stage. The 44-year-old DJ just reminded thousands of people that he is in fact, a raw and really dope DJ.

“The crowd was following me when I was playing my big records, like ‘Titanium’ or ‘Without You,’ but also when I played my underground stuff that I produced. They would follow me anywhere.”

And follow him they did. Electric Zoo attendees were awestruck as Guetta, who may have been made famous by producing with Kelly Rowland, Usher, Akon, Sia, and the Black Eyed Peas, showed NYC on Friday, Aug. 31 that he is a quintessential artist. Guetta worked the decks masterfully with the gusto of a sea captain. That said, the French DJ played underground electronic music that he produced himself, thus making him both the captain and the deck hands.

All the Zoo-goers on Friday were an orchestra led by their Parisian maestro of mixing, who also revealed to VIBE: “I have a really amazing record coming out soon that I made for Ludacris and Usher. It’s sick!” Adding with fervor, “No one knows about it yet, but it’s really crazy. I’m excited”

So are we, Monsieur Guetta!