VIBE Fashion Files: The Newcomer Bares it All !

Mix in a little bit of Frank Ocean’s swag, Miguel’s soultry sound and a classic vibe and you get Ryan Michael. Singer/Songwriter,Ryan Michael, recently released his first song “Dialogue In The Dark” as the pre-release to his highly anticipated EP “Regenesis”. Ryan comes equipped with a fresh perspective on the music he creates and a desire to re-invent the need for traditional R&B music. So what’s the deal with his style? EVERYTHING. Michael brings something new to the style table ( which is what caught my eye). The LA based trendsetter lets his artistic nature speak for itself and doesn’t hold back the grown & sexy.

As a new artist, style wise, what sets you apart from your peers?

I love to be comfortable! That might be a universal answer but I really dress in a way that is going to make me feel good about who I am and what I’m doing at all times. With that being said, I love to push the envelope. I am an artist and I like that to be apparent in my appearance as well.

How does your style translate in your music?

I let my work inspire me most times, especially if I am getting ready to record or to work on a new project. If I am working on a crazy 90’s record, I will search for some retro gear and some nice leathers. I like to let my music really live itself out.

What was the inspiration behind your EP and first song, “Dialogue in The Dark”?

I wanted to give something that I felt was much needed in the industry, timeless records. I wanted fans and listeners to get the feeling that I had when listening to some of the greats growing up. When I turn on the radio nothing really stood out to me, everything sounded the same.

How would you describe your sound?

Pop/Urban/Soul with a touch of ElectricIn regards to music and fashion, who inspires you?

I am a work in progress, and I am happy that my style always evolves. Nevertheless, some men’s style that I can really appreciate right now are Neyo, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Robin Thicke

As a growing artist, how has your style changed with your music?

As I grow, my outward perspective changes and so does my style. But one thing that has always remained constant was my love for clean lines, and being well put together. As I get older, I take notice to more tailored suits but I also love men’s casual wear. A great belt, watch, and coat are the three essentials every man should have. Some clutch men’s designers I’ve learned to fancy while being on the road with my management team include: Simon Spurr, Ian Velardi, BLK KNM, Tom Ford, Ian Velardi, Versace and Band of Outsiders.

When will your EP be available?

We have a tentative date of November 13th. For all updates follow my team on twitter: @iwantryan & @cilanenior

Check out Dialogue in the Dark at :

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