Vibe Identify: Luciano and The Vagabundos

The word vagabond is a term for someone who roams or is without a home. Typically, when called a vagabond many may percieve it as an insult, being that it infers you are a bum. In regards to the globally renowned music crew that is Cadenza’s Vagabundos, it is a description they embrace and bring new meaning. Since 2006, Cadenza has lead a musical movement that showcases a group of spiritual people that succeed at two things; pushing musical boundaries and creating party atmospheres unlike any other. Lead by their fearless DJ of decadence, Luciano, the Vagabundos crew has won over the world’s heart as they turn every DJ booth entered into their new home.

Who are The Vagabundos?…

Most people who are deeply involved in the underground scene are very well acquainted with the infamous Vagabundos. Rarely coming Stateside as they are planted fixtures on the party isle of Ibiza, they have solidified a reputation for unleashing musical onslaughts unlike any other group of DJs. But who are they?

We’re glad you asked. The true Vagabundos crew is comprised of talented producers featured on the beloved Cadenza imprint. Their fearless leader is the Chilean-Swiss DJ/producer, Luciano. Regarded by many to be the best DJ in the world, Luciano’s eclectic style of mixing and matching any song of his liking with some of the most intoxicating bass filled melodies put him in a class of his own. Some of his private edits include remixes to Britney Spear’s ‘Toxic’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. His vagabond family of electronic troubadours is filled with DJs of similar caliber who he has personally harbored and developed over the years. Reboot, Robert Dietz, Argy, Frivolous and Mendo are Vagabundos’ starting five and they all have the ability to pack a room on their own. With each one of the Vagabundos bringing their own unique style to the table, their loyal party attendees are always guaranteed a night they will never forget.

Vagabundos: The Party


Vagabundos represents more than just Luciano’s crew of dance floor destroyers. It is also the name of his weekly residency at Pacha in Ibiza. With this year being the third installment, Luciano and his residents invite DJs from all over the world to join in on a night of Ibiza tomfoolery. This year, names like Nic Fanciulli, DJ Sneak and Paco Osuna are some of the many talented DJs who shared the 1’s and 2’s with the Vagabundos. Considered to be one of the most insane gatherings the famed White Island hosts, Sunday night at Pacha is one of those must attend events while visiting Ibiza. Described as one of the most chaotic carnival atmospheres one could find, Luciano’s amazing creation promises for a magical night of music elation.

Luciano’s Vagabundos: The True Party Crew


One remarkable fact about this conglomerate of jet setting DJs is their relatable qualities. Just like their attendees, they are there to party. One by one they each lay down a masterfully crafted set and visibly enjoy themselves as they basque in the party environment their music creates. Always surrounding themselves with a crew of people in the booth, Luciano and his pals party equally as hard as the music they present and this earns them even more respect. In reality they are just a crew of spiritual music lovers who aim to bring people together with their tunes and that is all that matters. Music may be a business to some, but to the Vagabundos it’s life.

Luciano: The Visionary

luciano 2

Luciano is the epitome of what a true musician is. The mastermind behind all of the success the Cadenza imprint and Vagabundos parties have experienced, he has successfully built an empire but still remains to be one of the most humble people. Whether it be his infamous finger swirl (The Cadenza Swirl), his marathon sets or more recently his pink hair, this music visionary is a person of intrigue outside the booth. One of the most spiritually in tune people, he presents a vibe that is intoxicating. Aside from Luciano’s personality, his music is on a whole different level compared to other DJ/producers. The tropical mood his sets feature infused with heavy bass and rhythmic percussion offer something that is hard to find anywhere. That being said, Luciano is Ibiza’s king. Ever since landing on the White Island with long time friend and fellow music master, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano has built a brand fueled by musical party animals with him at the forefront. Whether it be at Ushuaia on Thursdays, Pacha on Sundays or even just a random train station in Spain (He threw an off site party during Sonar at a train station during operating hours!), Luciano will always do what he does best and thats play music.